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Make your photo editing lightning fast for gorgeous, professional-looking product photos

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Ever wish you could have a professional photographer in your back pocket to help you edit your photos?

Enter: Picture Profit Lightroom Presets!

Using my very own set of 20 Lightroom Presets is almost like me editing your photos for you. You won't believe how fast and easy photo editing can be!

No more wondering what tool to use, how to use it properly, and what you need to do to get a certain effect. Simply click a button and BAM - done.

Check out these awesome before and afters!

So what exactly ARE Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are easy-to-install tools that work within Lightroom that allow you to make big edits with just one click. I have developed this set of 16 presets to do most of the major edits you'll need for product photo editing. Less time, and less frustration!

How do I install them? And how do I use them?

I've included video tutorials with your purchase of the presets on how to install and use the presets. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Do these presets work with Lightroom mobile?

Yes! They sure do. You don't even need to pay for the Adobe Photography subscription - I have installation instructions that cover how to install these presets for use on Lightroom mobile even without the desktop version.

So, will I have to edit my photos at all anymore or will I just have to use these presets?

You may need to make a tweak here or there, but the idea is that these presets will do most of the work for you.

What if I can't figure it out?

No worries! You can always drop a comment in the tutorials area after your purchase and I'll be happy to help you out, and even create new tutorials as needed.

Will these presets teach me how to use Lightroom?

Not exactly. While the tutorials don't cover how to use Lightroom as a whole, they will teach you how to install and get the most out of the presets. If you're looking to learn how to edit photos all on your own, check out my Easy Photo Editing course.

Do I need to have Lightroom to use these presets?

Yes, you need to have Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, or Lightroom Mobile to use these presets.

Included in this presets collection are:


  • Too Dark (Correction)
  • Way Too Dark (Correction)
  • Too Bright (Correction)
  • Way Too Bright (Correction)
  • Whiten Whites
  • Harsh Highlights
  • Harsh Shadows
  • Too Cold
  • Too Warm
  • Just Needs A Little Oomph
  • Washed Out

-- EXTRAS --

  • Dark Edges
  • Pump Up The Colour
  • Too Noisy
  • Left Side Too Dark (Uneven Light)
  • Right Side Too Dark (Uneven Light)


  • Cheer Up!
  • Light & Airy
  • Moody
  • Rainy Day

Oh, and hey - if you're worried you don't know how to use them, there are tutorials on how to install and use the presets!

I'd never leave you in the dark like that.

The tutorials are in video form and will be found in your own personal login area after purchasing the presets.


I'm a product photographer by trade and handmade business cheerleader by heart.

In 2017, I turned my focus toward helping makers learn how to DIY their own awesome product photos.

Through my blog, YouTube channel, Facebook group, and my online product photography school, I have helped hundreds of handmade sellers transform their product photos, their businesses, and even their lives.

These Lightroom Presets are the next in a line of programs and tools I've designed to make product photography easier, faster, and way less stressful for you, the handmade seller.

So, are you ready to totally change the way you edit your product photos for a faster, more efficient, and perhaps even (gasp!) enjoyable process?

Click below to grab your Picture Profit Lightroom Presets!

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